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Basewars Overhaul

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PostPosted: 03.01.2019, 07:05    Post subject: Basewars Overhaul Reply with quote

Basewars Redux

So last year I released 'Basewars Redux', an overhauled version of the original level designed for singleplayer and multiplayer co-op. I didn't post about it here because it wasn't polished enough to be considered a big release. A few days ago I fixed some important issues and updated it again, so I figured I might aswell post about it now. The original Basewars was intended for teams mutliplayer (it has a red and blue base) but it was quite hard to get a full house. Although a few LAN games made use of Basewars as it was intended, it was rare to get full teams online. It ended up being more popular as a kind of 'co-op' level since it does have a lot of things to explore and destroy.

At the core, the Redux version is mostly the same but with some key differences on top:

* There is now only one player base - the other base has been replaced with an AI controlled team that will launch attacks on yours.
* The enemy units are procedurally generated and gradually get tougher as the level continues. This is a unique kind of scripting originally developed for an abandoned mod called 'Ground Control'.
* I've added a resource system that is used for the management of your base. You can collect resources by destroying certain enemies.
* You can launch defense units, which are basically friendly AI pilots that will defend your base while you're away.
* Using the resource system, you can use many more sentries than in the original Basewars
* A reinforcement team has been added which you can call when attacking the enemy base.
* A bonus objective unlocks additional reinforcements
* Tons of fixes, tweaks and minor changes

The level comes with two difficulty modes which differ slightly depending on your play style. Trainee, Rookie and Hotshot are the standard mode which has a smaller enemy team, and attacks will be less frequent. This mode is more suitable if you want to explore the level. Ace and Insane are 'Hard Mode' which is self explanatory. Ofcourse D3 naturally adjusts the hitpoints and AI, but the mod itself also makes changes accordingly.

Redux is not an expanded version of Basewars (nor will there ever be one), it makes use of the original assets and just offers a different kind of gameplay from the original. This is not a big project, it's fairly small on the surface (which is why I never posted about it here before) - though the new scripting is quite extensive. I've also fixed a few bugs from the original level, re-balanced the weapons and enemies a little bit to match up with Silent Fury and be more suitable to single player. The music has also been extended to include 7 full length tracks. This version of the level does support Co-Op and the patched version should run OK on dedicated servers.

The included readme file explains the new features in more detail including setup details.

Any questions just let me know Smilie

Download here:

For servers rules: HUD names should be FULL, No disallowed objects, Hotshot setting recommended, team damage OFF

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