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Welcome to the Teamspeak-Server-List on Descentforum.DE
These servers are for Descent-Pilots ONLY.
Request a Server-Password by e-mailing the admin of each server.

Server Detail for TS.Descentforum.NET
Country Priv/Pub Admin Name Server IP : Port On/Max Server
www.Descentforum.NET Private Email WWW TS.Descentforum.NET 0/32 Win32
ISP Type 1 Type 2 Last Updated Current Time Channels Uptime
www.Descentforum.NET Clan Freeware 16 28d 3h
38m 17s
Users and Channels

Lobby_1  (RD)
Descentforum.NET 1  (RS)
Team Rot
Team Blau

Team Gelb
Descentforum.NET 2  (R)
Descentforum.NET SOD  (R)
DF.NET Channel  (R)
Diti's CH-Channel  (RP)
English Embassy  (R)
Members Only  (RP)
LevelLords (LL)  (RS)
Channel 1
Channel 2
Do_Checkor'z Radiochannel  (RM)
Channel Flags
  R = Registered
  M = Moderated
  P = Passworded
  S = Sub-Channels
  D = Default
  U = Unregistered
Player Flags
  R = Registered
  SA = Server Admin
  CA = Channel Admin
  AO = Auto-Operator
  AV = Auto-Voice
  O = Operator
  V = Voice
  U = Unregistered

1 Priv/Pub Name Server IP : Port On/Max Server Version
Details Private WWW TS.Descentforum.NET 0/32 Win32 v2.0.24.1

Servers update in 5 minute intervals | Total Servers: 1 | Total Channels: 16
contact the serverlist administrator: Do_Checkor
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